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Conducting a Safety Tailgate Talk Session

Friday, January 12, 2018
Darin Douglas

Communication is the best way to prevent accidents at work. One of the best ways of communicating the importance of job site safety is with tailgate safety talks. Prepare your topic and plan your agenda before the meeting. Be able to present and discuss the topic without reading it. Limit the length of your presentation to 10 minutes.

Use visual examples when possible (example: ladder-loose rungs). Promote teamwork, everyone is responsible for safety.  Provide valuable information and give an opportunity for positive input and feedback.  Allow suggestions and evaluation of current work site and practices. Immediately remedy all valid safety concerns.  Notify management of any safety concerns.  Choose timely topics and Gear your talks to safety problems you are encountering or that you anticipate in upcoming work.

Review recent injuries: What happened? Why did it happen? What should have been done?  Review recent safety violations: What was type violation? What injuries could have occurred? How was the issue remedied?  Be sure the attendance sheet is signed by all present. Give topic and sign up sheet to safety officer along with safety remedies and concerns.  Follow up and document any issues raised.


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